Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Positive things

The week started on a rough note... on Monday morning my car's battery was flat so I couldn't drive myself to work :-( Luckily it got sorted without too much hassle. Also my on-again-off-again cold turned into something a bit more serious, so decided to see my Dr today. I'm glad I did because a) got antibiotics so that I'm ready for holiday, b) it has been decided that I will skip photopheresis this week and spread my last 2 sessions over 2 months.... so end of April and end of May. and c) for the first time in at least a year and a half lung function did NOT drop at all. Not the normal 1 or 2% drop of late. Did 3 attempts and all were exactly the same, 58% FEV1% and I think the FVC was 97%, slightly up. So week has definitely improved from yesterday.
Now just to survive 3 days at work and then BLISS! The pics below are from work (apart from the kitty one obviously). Our new financial year started on 1 April so we all got a balloon and a muffin. (Purple and white are the Co colours)


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