Monday, March 3, 2008

Another weekend...

My weekend was very nice. Saturday was a bit boring during the day, as my mom and dad installed some extra cubboards in the kitchen and I had to stay in my room the whole time because of the dust. Late afternoon we went out to Melville though, which is a really artsy area close to us with lots of cute café's and shops. So I had decaf coffee (trying to sort out my sleeping issues!) with them. Afterwards we went out to Mike's Kitchen, a family restaurant also with an outside area where I had my first STEAK in months! That was definitely the best moment of my day! My friends know what a huge meat-lover I am! It was also my fist evening outing!

Yesterday we drove to Pretoria where we had tea with my dad's brother and his wife which was nice, as I've never been to their house before. After that we had lunch with my grandfather which was great! I haven't been able to breathe properly in his home for years! And for the first time it was so easy! We spent the rest of the day there before returning to Joburg.

So my weekend was quite busy, but I SOOO need to spend time in the company of people my age! The only people I see are all double my age! It's starting to get to me. I so desperately want to go home for a week over Easter just to see my friends, catch up with everyone, walk on the beach for the first time in ages, see my cats (won't get too close to them or sleep with them!), see my other grandparents, show off my new lungs to my PE doctors and physio... And rest in our house which consists out of more than just 4/5 rooms! But I'm not getting my hopes up too much, if that is even possible, that they'll allow me to go, as it will only have been 2months since surgery by then..

Oh yes, someone asked how long I'll have to wear the mask... For 3 months at least, but I'll probably always keep one with me for dodgy situations! Hope you all have a great week and thanks for the support and prayers!


MilePost13 said...

you can come visit us anytime you want to.

kidsworld said...

...and you can visit us, as well. Although, we're a bit older, but not twice your age! I'm enjoying following your blog. (Thank you, Nate, for the link.) Looking forward to hearing about your reunion with your friends. Hopefully SOON!

Thanks for the update!
refreshing in ohio

Gizela said...

Hallo Alice!
Dit klink of dit regtig wonderlik met jou gaan. Ek is werklik so bly dat jy weer daar bo kan asemhaal en tyd saam met jou mense kan spandeer. Nie een van ons sal seker regtig verstaan hoe 'n blessing dit is nie. Geniet dit vreeslik baie!
Ek hoop dat jy kan afkom PE toe om jou vriende te sien. Kan dink dat die ouer geselskap uitputtend kan raak...heheh... Hopelik sien ons jou een van die dae!
Dit is nat en grys hier vandag na die vreeslike hitte van gister!
Mooi bly, blom vir jou!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
you know Odin (my son) had a tough start in life and his lungs took a real knock so we've also had to be very careful where we take him - not as extreme as your case, with masks and all - but definitely no enclosed or crowded places and for the first few weeks that he was home only a selected few peolple got to hold him and then only after they had washed their hands. And playing it safe has really been worthwhile - so far we've been able to avoid any illness. SO, i know it must be difficult for you, but be patient - it's going to be worth it!!! A few months now is nothing compared to the YEARS you now have ahead of you! Think of all the things you can plan for your long term future now. You're doing great and you're an inspiration to all of us! Well done and all the best on your raod to recovery!

Anonymous said...

oops, forget to leave me name.
Above from Arinda in Port St Johns

Michelle said...

Alice if you would like to you can contact me on my blog page (I moderate my comments). We will gladly meet with you (I'm 29 and my hubby is 27) we also have a very active young church (Actually a good mix of the various age groups) so you can meet up with us and socialise with us if you like. It sounds like you are close enough. Melville is about a 20 min drive from us. Which hospital are you at?

Dudu said...


I don't know if I'm allowed to comment since I work for a publication that has followed your journey through recovery. Nonetheless I commend you on your good spirit, being able to embrace the smallest abilities, especially ones that can be taken for granted, like taking a walk or sleeping with your pets.
You are what we should all be, gracious, honest, faithful,playful and loving.
I hold you in my prayers and your recovery to be a speedy one.
Enjoy your new set!