Friday, March 7, 2008


O and the best news yet, I may be going home for a week over Easter!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!I really hope you manage to get home for a week, as i'm sure that will make you soooo happy!!
Xx Clarey

Mandy said...

Wow! I hope everything works out like you want it to!

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

you are one awesome lady! i really do hope you get home for Easter--sure is appropriate as a time of rebirth! thanks for the regulare updates. i check on you every day here in North Carolina, US.

Michelle said...

That would be great if you could go home for Easter.

I'm also glad to hear your body is accepting your new lungs. Praise be to God!

Doesn't Telkom just develope your patience hey. I once had to wait 7 mths for a line and in the end I moved and they still handen't installed a line for us!! I hope they come and fix your line on Thursday!

I'm hoping you win the awards. I've come across your page through Nate, tricia and Gwyneths page. My husband, my children and I have become organ donars now.

I look forward to reading more of God's grace and mercy in your life in the future.

Michelle in Gauteng