Monday, March 17, 2008

Freezing Monday Morning...

It is SOOOO cold!!! And it has been like this the whole weekend. The weather's gone from summer to mid-winter in a week! The max temperature for today is 12 degrees C... and it's AUTUMN. In fact, autumn's just started! Last week it was like 27 degrees. In my entire life it's only ever been this cold ONCE in Port Elizabeth. So I'm NOT looking forward to winter in Joburg. And the problem right now is that I don't really have any winter clothes here. So I had to go shop for some winter stuff. How horrible ;-)
In the first pic is me and Carli on our way to do some early Sunday morning shopping. I'm wearing my new white coat which is nice and warm and makes me look like a doctor when I'm wearing my mask! And that makes people stare even more, lol! Not that I give a damn. Carli took a lot of pleasure out of telling EVERY shop-assistant that I had a lung transplant and that I'm wearing the mask because of THEIR germs! Was really funny to see all the reactions! We also had some cake and something hot to drink. As you can see Carli's showing off her new beanie! I think I should also consider getting one!
So as you can see the rest of my weekend was awesome. Seeing Dr Williams on Thursday and then it's hopefully back home for a week!!!!! Can't wait! Made a whole list of people I need to see in PE, and it's going to keep me busy! Hopefully this week goes by fast and Thursday comes quickely.
Someone asked whether I still have CF now that I've had a transplant. The answer is yes... except for my lungs, they don't have CF because they don't have my DNA. What this means for me now is that I still take digestive enzymes with meals and I still have CF related diabetes, which is actually made worse by my anti-rejection meds, but I control that with insulin, so that's fine. So for the rest I feel 'normal'. Having normal lungs is something you can't describe to someone who has CF. You have to experience it for yourself, and I pray that everyone on the transplant list will get to do just that.
P.s. someone called Michelle commented on an old post and said that I should contact her through her blog page, and that they stay about 20mins from Melville... For some reason I can't reach your page, so please mail me at if you see this!


Anonymous said...

that's so Carli (but good on her)... very funny, indeed! can't wait to see you soon - only a couple of days more! hope you start to feel warmer soon - the weather is great in PE, perfect Autumn weather, hope it stays this way for when you're here.

MyPE said...

Did your folks enjoy their meal at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club?

I can even tell you who the person is in the background ............ (Not me) :-)

If they want to come sailing, they just need to mail me from the contact link on my home page.

Keep up the positive vibes.

Alice said...

O my word... yes, we love the yacht club!!!!! going there next week when I'm in PE!!

MyPE said...

I am the sailing commodore at the moment.

Wednesday Evenings are always a festive sailing occasion, ask for me (Grumpy! ha ha ha) and we will see what we can do to get you a berth.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for aswering my question Aice,that makes more sense now.My brothers also both have CF related diabetes and take pancrease tabs with food.My younger brother also has a colostomy bag and recently developed a Liver problem,life is so cruel for him.I take great comfort from happy Cf stories such as yours.I just wish my elder brother had had the chance of a transplant instead of losing his life.
You look after yourself and enjoy your life to the limit,you deserve it,and keep up the amazing blog,it brightens my day.
Thankyou Alice.
Laura xxx

Alice said...

Thanks Grumpy, I'll do my best to be there!

grey like snuffie said...

It's been amazing to peak into your life with this blog. I know my asthma is nothing compared to CF but I can rejoice with you over the high lung function---breathing is something that many take for granted.

Gizela said...

Hallo Alice, dit is omtrent koud, maar ek glo dat jy warm weer gaan he wanneer jy hier is. Dit was 30C in Kaapstad vandag, so die warmder weer is oppad. En dit is mos KKNK die naweek en dan braai 'n mens gewoonlik in die hitte. Glo vas dat jy 'n heerlike naweek in PE gaan he.
Mooi bly en geniet jou shopping, kar, longe en alles wat daarmee saam gaan.
Klomp blessings!