Monday, September 28, 2009

First Afternoon Thunderstorm of the Season...

We've just had our first OFFICIAL afternoon thunderstorm! (We had rain a while back, but it was at night...) While most people love these afternoon thunderstorms (except for what they do to traffic), for me they are a special reminder of my awesome transplant and recovery. It's a summer-thing here, and seeing as summer's when I had my tx, it reminds me of the afternoons in hosp.

My room in Section 7 when I was out of ICU had a big window, and I could set my watch by the afternoon thunderstorms. I used to switch off the TV and just watch the spectacular show in the sky with the window open a bit so I could get the smell too... Luckily this was a very positive time of my life, or I would've had bad memories all summer long, lol! Alomost like all the fires in winter that remind me of the last 2 times when I was up here with my old lungs and the smoggy air made it harder for me to breathe. Yuck.
Of course it also came with hearing ambulance after ambulance arrive at hospital, just like I'm actually hearing right now.
Ok back to the present, tomorrow is a full day of work again, and then I'm working half-day on Wednesday and not at all on Thursday due to study leave... ugh, SOOOO much to get into my head still! Anyway, I guess I should figure out what to have for supper now, take a bath and get back to the books...

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Bree said...

GAH! Gotta love afternoon thunderstorms! There's just something so magical about them that brings everyone to a standstill so they can admire the beauty in the power of nature. It doesn't matter what you're doing; as soon as a storm starts up, it's all anyone focuses on! I love them! We had 2 yesterday! HURRAY!:)

Glad you're doing so well, deary!