Friday, October 2, 2009

Week report and stolen blog idea!

Firstly, my exam on Friday was crap :-( Not very hopefull of passing... oh well, will just write it again. Takes 14 working days to get my results. Last week was extremely tough.... slept little, studied a lot, gymmed nothing, saw my friend Maryke whos waiting for lungs and was shocked to see her. Never seen anyone that sick in real life, and it broke my heart... it'll take a MASSIVE miracle to save her... generally just not a good week. Please pray for Maryke :-(

Weekend was a bit better, went to a comedy club on Friday night, which was a laugh and pretty good. Had a quiet Saturday and Chris and I had some friends over for a braai. Tried to catch up on some sleep.

Today I'm going to gym and having supper with Jenny, so week off to better start at least...

I've stolen this blog-idea from Emily.... ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS AND I'LL ASK THEM AS HONESTLY AS POSSIBLE!!!!

OK that's all for now... oh, and am going to be on TV here in SA sometime soon, will keep you posted. AND met Chris a year ago today.


Danielle said...

Hi Alice,

I was wondering if you had stats on carrier frequencies of CFTR mutations in SA. Do you know if it differs among Afrikaans and English people (seeing as they have been genetically isolated from Europe for different periods of time)?

Here's to a better week,


Destini said...

I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rotten week. On the up side, 1 year since meeting Chris! That is great! I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary this year and can't believe it has been that long already. I can't think of any questions to ask...