Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!!! Another (first for the year) CF woman had her transplant!!!!!! She's 31 years old, and I'm so happy another woman had a tx... The last one was ME, which was like 21 months ago, the rest were all guys... so I've been feeling rather alone in the whole tx setup here in SA. She's doing FANTASTICALLY... was off the vent in less than 24 hours after surgery, which must be like a record here!!! Can't wait to go visit... Going for bloods tomorrow morning, so might try and sneak into ICU (pretending to say hi to the nurses) to say hi to Jolandi instead!!!

So to answer more questions:

Complications after transplant:

I still take Creon with meals, but because I'm not underweight/borderline-underweight, it's not a trainsmash if I miss a dose and not absorb all the nutrients. Although my tummy might be sore then...

My CF-related Diabetes got worse after tx (I was diagnosed with it a year before transplant), as a result of taking Prograf, which has high blood sugar as part of it's NUMEROUS side effects.

I have to be careful of the sun, as Prograf makes me more succeptable to skin cancer. I also have to take a pill for high BP because of the Prograf (well I had to when I started working full-time... all the stres, haha).

And related to the above mentioned, my risk for all cancers is basically increased, so have to do the regular gynae check-ups etc (have had some scares). Also bone density issues, but that was worse before tx, as my Prednisone dose was more than 4 times higher than now.

And I can't drink grapefruit juice anymore :-(, which used to be my favourite, lol.

But even taking all of that into account, it's still easier to deal with these issues than not being able to breathe.


My first 3 years of studying went fine... lungs were OK-ish, so tried not to park far from classes. Got my degree in the designated time. In my 4th year (trying to do honours), I became colonised with Pseudomonas, and things went downhill fast. Had to start using O2, lots more IV's, lung function crap etc. I couldn't finish my 4th year, and in 5th year I was listed for transplant, and did some pshycology and music subjects just to keep my busy. However if I couldn't find parking close to the lecture halls, I would just turn around and drive back home.

So that's it for now... Tomorrow is the last day of filming!! They'll be filming me at my work (blind!!!), then ask my dad some questions, then get some shots of me and Chris playing squash! Will be rather relieved when all of this is over, lol. Anyway, I'm getting ready for bed now... been a long day, didn't sleep well last night (thoughts were with Jolandi and my own transplants). Might take a Stilnox tonight. Have a good day/evening!!!


Jess said...

Yay for transplant for her! The last 2 years of college I've decided not to go to class occasionally because of the parking/walking issue too, it stinks to have to do that.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome that another young lady got a new lease on life! YEAH!! and so glad you're doing so great!
i'm surprised, it is normal to still need pred after a transplant? (all i know about transplants is what i read on your blog and cfhubby, so its not too much, but i thought the love/hate with prednicrap would be over)

glad you're doing well! YEAH!