Saturday, October 10, 2009

Post #401! and CF Scholarship

OK lots to catch up on! I'm so tired after spending half the day being filmed today for a TV show called The Power Within on SABC3 (will let you know exactly when it will be aired for anyone in SA that would like to watch...). Was dying of hunger afterwards, so went and got some drive-thu KFC :-) In half an hour's time Chris and I will be leaving again to go to Pretoria for a braai with the cousins! Staying over there too, and then tomorrow there will be some more filming and another braai @ Paul and Jenny's. Busy weekend!!!!

I received an e-mail a while ago about a sholarship for a Higher Education CF student:

" to celebrate the 17th year of the scholarship, this year's Thriving Student Achiever will be awarded $17,000! Voting starts today and ends October 15th, click here to vote"

So please check out the link and vote people. Solvay is the Co that produces the Creon I drink with meals... without it I would have lots of tummy ache and be very thin. (the latter sounds rather appealing post transplant though, lol) Either way, Creon is a big part of my life.

With ragards to the blog "game" I stole that seemed to fail, probably because I don't really keep anything secret, lol, Danielle, thanks for a VERY interesting question... I'm going to ask my Dr about it, but I would guess there wouldn't be a big difference in mutation between Eng and Afr people, as in the about 200 years that both Eng and Afr people have lived in SA, there's been so many mixing of the nationalities, I don't think anyone has no Eng blood in them or no Afr blood. I think most of us even have some black blood too ;-) But will def find out! Thanks!

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Thanks for finding out! I'm very interested in these types of things. At work last summer I had to prepare a report for my supervisor on CF frequencies in northern Africa and the Middle East. It was sooo hard to find things!

I have more questions! Maybe you could write about some issues that you still have to deal with post-transplant. Things like digestive issues or diabetes. I don't have CF so I'm not familiar with all that.

Also, you mentioned you have a B.comm? What was your university experience like?


Anonymous said...

I think it's something like 7% black blood!

Anonymous said...

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