Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on Jolandi and week...

Jolandi's been having a bit of a rough time :-( She was put back on the vent after being taken off it after less than 24 hrs after the op! Also, last night she coughed and a clip came out and bled. And her ears were ringing and she was sweating (that's the meds though, I had the same thing). But all in all doing OK, going to see her in an hour's time.

The rest of the filming went fine. On wednesday they did interview with my dad, me at work and squash. Being teased at work a bit, lol! The rest of the week was just rough work-wise, nothing else really.

To reply on a comment about still being on Prednisone after tx... unfortunately pred is one of the 3 anti-rejection drugs! I take a very low dose though, so I don't even notice I'm taking it. Pre-tx I was on 40mg a day most of the time, and now I'm on 7.5mg a day... the Prograf gives me much more hassles than poor old prednisone!

Getting ready to stop by the hosp now and then do a bit of shopping... so have a good weekend!!

P.S. Today's Chris and my official 1st year anniversary!!!! Pity he has to work though :-(


Jess said...

Happy Anniversary! Keeping Jolandi in my thoughts

Anonymous said...

happy 1 year!! YEAH!!
thanks for explaining the prednicrap reason - in a sense, i'm glad. i thought perhaps you were on it still for lung-related issues. glad it's *just* for anti-rejection.


Alice said...

Nope! Luckily lungs are doing exactly what they should!!!! Pred is a truly wonderful poison, lol.