Thursday, October 29, 2009

I PASSED MY EXAM... by 0.17%?!

How's that for carefull planning?? I seriously though I had failed the exam, as it was REALLY tough, and almost had a heart attack when I saw the results... Am VERY relieved anf thankfull that I don't need to write it AGAIN.

My weekend was GREAT, Friday night we had th go-carts for team building @ work, I came 4th, and won the "crash&burn" award due to having the biggest crash! Still have big bruise on my arm! Was awesome though. On Sat morning Chris and I had a lovely picnic @ zoo lake for our 1 year anniversary, and afterwards went to see Jolandi. We also made some yummy ribs for supper and spend the rest of the day chilling. On Sun was the World's Biggest Walk, which was VERY successfull. Had to be there early as Chris and I were volunteering. IN the afternoon we went to a birthay party of friends of ours, and dropped by Jolandi again in the evening but she was sleeping so we didn't gt to see her. All in all the best weekend I've had in a while.

Jolandi's doing well. The lungs and everything are great, but unfortunately they damaged her vocal chord somewhere along the line, so she can't swallow food properly, and has a NG tube going down her nose to feed her now. Not sure how long this will have to be for, but shame, she's not impressed! Going to go see her after work today again.

This weekend should be good too... I'm doing a talk at the SA National Blood Services's annual medal presentation or something like that. Will post pics of the weekend tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Baie geluk met jou eks uitslae!! Baie trots op jou!!