Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chris's birthday :-)

Yesterday was Chris's birthday!!!!!!! He turned 26 on the 26th :-) Happy birthday babe and may the year ahead be the best one EVER!!!! *MWAH*

The past few days have been good... Thursday was Heritage day so we went to Pretoria for the day to see some family, and I met up with my old music teacher from Primary school, who I haven't seen in about 12 years! Was really cool! She named her little girl after me (she called me 6 years ago to tell me), and so I finally got to meet little Alice! She found out about the transplant etc after seeing the article about the WTG in the Pulse magazine! What a small world.

Work went well on Friday, wasn't too busy. On Friday night we celebrated Chris-s housemate's birthday that was on Monday. We went to a Brazilian restaurant which was very cool. Yesterday we just relaxed for Chris's birthday... had a nice breakfast, watched a DVD, I studies while F1 practice was on, and last night we had supper and played 30 seconds with a couple from church. So all in all a great weekend.

This morning I'll be studying again, and Chris is coming over later. It's my mom's last day, so we'll all be having lunch together. Her visit has flown past, even though it was like 10 days!

This week my big goal will be writing my big exam on Friday. It's a lot of studying, so wish me luck!!!


Annelie said...

Good luck for Friday, I know you will do it!

Annelie xx

Anonymous said...

Baie voorspoed vir more!!!!!