Friday, May 29, 2009

Update on my cold

Doing fine, luckily the cold hasn't gone to the lungies yet, no fever and throat a lot better. Nose still sneezy and snotty but i can live with that. Also feeling more "awake", if that makes sense. Should be fine for work on Monday.

Chris and I are house-sitting for Paul and Jenny this weekend, and I want to get a haircut, but apart from that I'll just continue taking it easy, and start studying for my next exam. (I registered for the South African Institute of Financial Markets' Registered persons exam module 1) Started a bit last night but it put me to sleep very fast, lol!

I'm missing my camera that's in for repairs, so took some pics on my phone. The flowers are that I got from Chris (he suprised me with a visit on Wednesday eve with flowers and chocs!!!!), and took a pic as best I could of my x-ray taken on Wednesday. So it's pretty much 16 months post tx. Oh and the other one is me and Prof Mehr, who is one of the big CF docs here in JHB, taken at the function on Tuesday night. It's a tiny pic because I got it off facebook and don't know how to get it bigger!

That's all for now, have a great weekend!

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CowTown said...

Alice, those lungs are looking good!

(i'm from cf2chat) :)