Monday, May 11, 2009

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Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently! Haven’t even loaded the Heart of Cape Town pics yet… Had a nice & busy weekend. Friday night was movies with Chris, Sat morning I had athletics training which was rather rough as it was cold and I did a lot! Afterwards I went for my flu shot… you’d think I’m used to needles, but I’m not! I’m used to having blood taken, but after I got the shot, while paying for it, I felt like passing out for a few moments! Didn’t feel like making a scene or telling anyone, so just staggered to my car and sat with my head between my legs for a few minutes, after which I felt right as rain again. I’m such a wuss…

Went to a 5 year old’s birthday party after that, and Chris and I watched a DVD called Flatliners in the eve. Rather strange medical thriller from the early 90’s with Julia Roberts about Drs killing themselves for a few mins to see what happens after death, only to be brought back to life by their colleges after the few mins were over. Pretty good storyline I guess…

Sun morning we went to church, I took my camera in as it’s giving me crap, and did some shopping. Afterwards Chris watched F1 while I read my book (first book I might finish in a few months! Very proud of myself!). Late afternoon we went to visit a guy and girl (20 and 21 year old) both waiting for transplants in hosp. I’m still the youngest person alive in South Africa who has had a lung transplant, and so badly want that to change. The other guys waiting all deserve this too. And all because a shortage of donors. IF YOU’RE NOT A DONOR YET GO TO to REGISTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to be a busy week again followed by an even more busy weekend J Watch this space!

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