Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend and training update.

So our mini roadtrip was very nice! Was a 3-4 hour drive both ways, but I haven’t seen that part of the country yet, so it was cool. Baberton is a charming little town and the weather was nice and warm! Wasn’t impressed with the cold when we got back to JHB L The party was great, ate the most yummy pork and salads etc, and an even more yummy punch… not sure what was in there (apart from the jelly babies), but it had the desired effect, lol! Sunday we all had brunch/lunch together at Wimpy before we headed back. So all in all it was a weekend well spent.

This week’s been just as crazy as last week work-wise, but it should get better from here onwards. Will be spending this weekend just relaxing with Chris and maybe seeing some other friends too… looking forward to it!!!

Training for the Games has been going well I think. My time and stamina is improving, so that’s good. And I’m beating Chris at squash more often. Even lost weight in the process… added bonus!

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