Monday, May 25, 2009

Wishing it was still the weekend!

The weekend was great! VERY relaxing… On Friday eve Chris and I watched SE7EN on DVD. It’s an old movie but I’ve never seen it and have always wanted to. Was very good but rather sad. Saturday morning I went to the pharmacy to pick up some stuff, and afterwards SHOPPING!!!! Very nice :-) In the afternoon I read my book while Chris watched Formula1, and then we played Risk boardgame and watched TV for the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning we went to church and did some grocery shopping afterwards. The rest of the day was also spent playing Risk and watching TV. A great way to spend a weekend after the hectic previous weekends in PE, Cape Town, Dikhololo, Baberton…

This week is not going to be so quiet though. Tonight I’m gymming after work and then watching Greys with Jenny, Tuesday I’m attending a CF talk about the Need for Heightened awareness, which should be very interesting as there are going to be lots of CF caregivers etc. Wednesday it’s gym again. Thursday I’m going to the Transplant Group Network meeting where the speaker is going to be a woman who donated her husband’s organs… also looking forward to that a lot. So it’s going to be nice but busy and not going to see Chris :-(

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my previous post and have a great week!

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