Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back in Joburg, back to reality :-(

So my month of holidays are over... but I can't complain, as it has been really really good. Just the break I needed!!!! The Cape Town Trip ended on Firday, and as soon as we landed here, we headed to Dikhololo, a game reserve, with my parents and other family.

It was 2 relaxing days in the bush (although there were squash courts, so we played a game on Sat!), with lots of "pap en wors" (stiff porriage and sausage)... a traditional yummy-ness, and generally quite a bit of MEAT!!!

So tomorrow it's back to work!!!! For the last few nights I've been dreaming about work the whole time, so will be good to get to work and stop dreaming about it!!! Will have quite a bit to catch up, so tomorrow will be ROUGH. Anyways, have a good week!!!

P.S. Annelie finished the London marathon that she ran in aid of CF in 4 hr 41 mins! Very proud of her!!!!

P.P.S I'm wondering if I should be scared of Swine Flu? At least Africa is safer than America I suppose!!!

P.P.S I'm posting Cape Town and Dikhololo pics above!!! But I suppose you will have noticed it by the time you read this.

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Sarah said...

Congrats to your aunt! That sounds like a really good time, although I know nothing about marathons.