Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last afternoon in CT....

Can't believe it's the end of the trip I've been looking forward to for so long :-( Really depressing!!!! The weather's been crap for the last 3 days unfortunately, so couldn't go up Table mountain :-( We did however go the the Heart transplant Museum, where the world's first heart tx took place!!! Had a tour through the actual theatres where it took place etc! Was really cool.
Also did a lot of driving around through CT, and did a serious hike on Monday afternoon!!! Pic above was taken on hike. (Can you see why it was hard???) My bum was sore for 2 days, lol!!!! What else? Had supper with Carli at the Waterfront last night which was great. Have taken a lot more pics, but can't resize them on Chris's laptop, so will post all of them once I'm back home!!!
Flying back tomorrow morning, then driving to a game reserve type place with my parents for the weekend with family. Total shange of scenery! So will have LOADS of stuff to upload on Sun eve!!! Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

You cut me deep Alice!
You cut me deep. PL

Linda said...

Your photo is fabulous. You should enter it in some kind of nature photo competition. Sorry the weather wasn't cooperating, but glad you had a wonderful time in Cape Town.