Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm still alive :-)

Sorry for the absence!!! I've been home since Friday, and flying back to Joburg early afternoon. Needless to say it's been GREAT... On Sat morning my mom and I had breakfast with a lady in PE also waiting for lungs and some of her family, which was a nice way to start my visit! Chris and I played some squash, and we went to see the new Fast and Furious movie with my sis and a friend. Was pretty cool!

Sunday was family day... went to church, had lunch with grandparents and aunt, and had coffee late afternoon with Antoinette. Monday morning Chris and I made yummy brunch for all of us, and afterwards lunch with Anto, Daniel and Andrew. My dad went back to Joburg on Monday evening.

Yesterday Chris and I went to Storms River Mouth, which is of course my favourite place ever. Walked a lot, had lunch there, went on a boat ride, which was GREAT!!! It was like a big rubber duck, that went out into the sea and down the river mouth. The sea part was the best, as the sea is pretty rough there, so we shot into air the whole time! Better than any roller coaster! We took quite a bit of pics, but my camera's battery died :-( So will only be able to upload then when I'm back in Jozi.

Tomorrow and Friday is going to be CRAZY at work, as I'll have to catch up with my 2 days leave... This weekend we're going to a wedding though, which is very exciting. My first wedding post transplant!!! Will be cool to be able to dance etc for a change. And on the 24th we're going to Cape Town for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be posting pics asap...


Anonymous said...

Hey Alice.
I'll be in Joburg from Friday 17th. Staying with Paul & Jenny this weekend. Hope to see you & Chris.
Peter Leid

drained in sj said...

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