Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm back in the big city, and survived a Drs visit, bloods, my first day back at work AND gym :-) Had to go for a check-up this week, so managed to squeeze that in late yesterday afternoon. (I have the best Dr who can see me without an appointment :-D Everything seems good and well, but will see what bloods show... has the evil CMV been killed off?? Hope so!!!! Can't be on such disgustingly expensive meds, lol!

Work wasn't at all bad today, was nice seeing everybody again, and the day went by fast because I had so much to do. My calves are still REALLY sore after Tuesday's climbing/walking etc. I didn't even have the guts to climb the stairs up to the gym, so took the lift/elevator...SHAMEFUL! At gym I avoided anything involving my calves... so ended up doing lots of ab-stuff (trying to re-create my pre-transplant-coughing-abs!!!) and arms and thighs etc. So tomorrow I'll probably be sore there... oh well... no pain no gain hey?

I'm uploading some pics from tuesday and last Friday on the way down to PE above...

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