Sunday, April 26, 2009


Not much to report except that I'm in CAPE TOWN!!!! Arrived at some ungodly hour on Friday night, and went to bed in the early hours of Sat morning. Had a slow morning, but Louzanne came over for lunch, and then we went on one massive shopping spree!!!! Got some great stuff for work!!! Had supper at Chris' parents last night and lunch there today, which was very nice and food delicious! (We stay with his sister)

The weather was crappy on Sat, but a lot better today. Hopefully it stays that was, cos I really want to go onto Table Mountain!! Haven't been up there in years. Apart from that there's also still some people I need to see (yes, you included Peter!!!)

Haven't taken any pics yet, will do so soon!!!

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Kelly said...

Not taken any pics yet? That's not like you Alice! Hope you enjoy the rest of your break :-)