Thursday, April 23, 2009

15 months... apparently!!

Yesterday was my 15 month anniversary and I FORGOT about it… It’s the first anniversary that has completely slipped my mind. AND it was a public holiday (Election Day), so I was aware of the date the whole time. I knew it was going to be on Election day, but when the day actually came, I didn’t realize it. Shows you how normalized I have become, if that makes sense!

It’s been a busy week so far… Monday night I had to go pick Chris up and rush him to Casualty, as he had serious abdominal pains. They put him on a drip and he was right as rain again, and Dr said it’s some sort of bug going around (thank goodness I didn’t get the bug!!!) What was strange about the whole experience was not being the patient, and having to sit and wait in the waiting area. Was crappy not to know what’s going on! Can’t IMAGIME what my parents went through when I had my transplant, and they waited for 7 hours.

Tuesday evening our section at work had team-building tenpin bowling!! We played 2 games, and I won the first one!!!! Beat all the guys J Maybe I should’ve entered that for AUS??? Either way, it was lots of fun!! Like I mentioned, yesterday was Elections, so I voted. Didn’t do much else, but that’s what public holidays are about.

Oh, and I got my blood results back, everything is PERFECT :-D CMV is killed off, so all is well with me. AND, it’s 2 sleeps to CAPE TOWN!!!! We will be landing in CT at 23:30 tomorrow night, which is LATE, but hopefully the adrenalin will keep me awake!!!


CFlover said...

Happy 15!!

sunshine rose said...

that's awesome and thx god you didnt get that bug!! keep up the great work!!!

Jac said...

great to hear all is well! It's nearly my 1st anniversary (tomorrow) - it's pretty cool eh? I don't think i'll ever get tired of the anniversary thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just come to Cape Town and don't contact me and see what happens. Am I making myself clear? Peter Leid