Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday...

Short Update:

Got a call from the gynae, and it's nothing serious!!! No cervical cancerness etc. Have some growth-thingy due to Prograff (like I said, Prograff is the root of all breathing AND evil things), that will have to be removed at some point in the future, so seeing the general surgeon or whatever type of Dr the guy is on Monday, and seeing the gynae again on Wednesday after my antibiotics are done.

Work is SERIOUSLY rough at the moment, hardly have time to eat during the day. Not cool but hopefully quieter soon. Also writing the Registered Persons Exam Module 0 on the 17th of July, so have to study for that. And train for the Games, been playing quite a lot of squash lately and getting rather good if I have to say so myself! My medical records for the Games has also been submitted.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, had cell tonight and dead tired now!


Amy said...

OHHH Cervical cancer!!! I had a scare a few years back. They found pre-cancer cells and removed them and then sent me to a cancer DR. Luckily I was ok but phew did it make me nervous!!!

GOOD LUCK with the games!!!

Bree said...

Ooooooooh Alice, your life is so normal now! I can only hope that my life will be hectic like that soon (minus the cervical cancer scare!).You're in my prayers as always!!

And i bet you're kicking ass at Squash!! You're down to a month and a half now - AHHHHH!!!