Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend and exam!

So I passed my exam! Got 72 %, but it was harder than I though/hoped it would be! At least it's over and done with, now I can register for the next one :-/

Weekend was fine, nothing exciting, just chilled, bought some stuff for the Games (pillow for the plane, locks for baggage, an electrical plug-converter thing for the Oz sockets, and a backpack with space for my laptop for hand luggage that I got for half price!!!!!!) Athletics was rather tough on Sat morning, did a 2km timed walk, time was 17mins50secs, which is rather crappy, but I've tried my best, and just nor a race-walking person. Also my shoes are wrong, but borrowing proper shoes from a lady that trains with us and is my size (and has a lot of pairs!), so maybe that'll help. Next Sunday is the Discovery Walk the Talk where I'll be doing the 8km, so looking forward to that. Will be doing NORMAL walking, not race-walking, lol!

This week will be another thriller work-wise, but at least it's my 18 months-with-lungies on Wednesday :-)

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