Monday, May 1, 2017

Pretty good week all things considered and MAY!

Seems like Monday blogging is my thing now! And MAY has arrived! Can definitely feel it in the weather. Health was a bit better this week. Maybe due to the increased cortisone. Just taking it one week at a time.

So the highlight of the week was going to the "Kamers/Makers" exhibition/fair/event on Thursday with my sis. Pierre took care of Adriaan, so Chrislie and I had an outing by ourselves! The only (and very) limiting factor was the battery life of my portable oxygen concentrator, I tried to keep the setting as low as possible to get the max time out of the visit. Did fairly well I think. It took place at a fancy Boys' School, St John's College. The place is beautiful! I hope those boys realise how privileged they are to attend a school like that! Very happy to have finally seen it now.

It was also the first time that I used my "disability" sticker to get better parking. The time has come to put the feelings of pride/self-consciousness/ away and prioritising what I spend my energy on. Walking long distances in a parking lot is not always an option. If I only need to buy like 1 item at the shops and I have time on my side I don't mind walking far, but with an outing like this where I can't charge my oxygen and I'm a tight time limit then I can't afford to use so much energy just to get to the entrance. Anyways.... we had a great time and I bought 2 very cool items... the succulent container and the picture of a girl holding a cat! Love it!

Also had some friends over for a braai yesterday and finished crocheting my gloves (they didn't turn our great... my forearms are too fat and I had to improvise! But they will do their job.) Oh and Chris bought me some stunning orange and purple tulips! The orange ones opened up this morning so posted a pic of those. Tomorrow evening Annelie and my gran arrives!!! Very excited about that! Have a great week!

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