Monday, April 24, 2017

How Things Are

This past week has been tough lung-wise. I've been more short of breath than usual, and don't know why. I missed both sessions of bio last week. I have sent in a sputum sample, that came back clean (even though it was gross and green and tasted like shit). I had a blood test done to check for infection... there is nothing. I was mentally preparing for a two week hospital stay but there is no reason to admit me as I don't have anything wrong that can be treated. So what it boils down to, is a case of "It is what it is". I have turned my oxygen up and am doing less. Going to give bio a try again tomorrow morning because SOME movement is better than none. Saturday marked another lungaversary, yay!

On to some more positive stuff... Adriaan is amazing, soooo cute. Definitely the best baby EVER, And definitely motivation for my lungs to keep going! Helped my mom to babysit him on Sat evening, we had so much fun. Three weeks of him being in the world today! Sorry for all the baby pics but too good not to share!

Not much else happening... Peppy, our black kitty is going for a dental procedure tomorrow :-( Poor kitty... he is the sensitive one and my heart breaks thinking of him all alone at the vet. He has never been alone before, the other cats are always with him! Oohhhh and my aunt from England, Annelie, and my gran are arriving in Joburg next week Tuesday to meet Adriaan! Can't WAIT to see them again. It's been about a year since I've seen Annelie and probably more than 2 years since I've seen my gran??? She lives so far away and is not a fan of flying... so with all the stuff happening in the last few years with my health we just haven't been to that side of the world and definitely cannot travel there now. So there is that to look forward to. Have a great week!

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