Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last year's New Years Resolutions were:

  • Win at least 1 medal in the WTG in Durban Won a gold and silver... so yay

  • Keep lung function above 95% (FEV1%) Not even close.... ended 2013 on 63% :-(

  • Some financial ones Failed... oops

  • Try to do more to raise awareness on organ donation/ help out the ODF So-so, I helped out when they asked me to and unfortunately their Gauteng office closed down which is very sad.

  • Do a 10 km race Did 2 of them (ran and walked).

  • So as you may have noticed it wasn't a great year health-wise. Without a doubt the worst since my transplant. I don't think my lung function will improve in 2014 but if it could just stop dropping and if I can carry on with the photopheresis I'll be happy as hell. It will definitely be the most uncertain year for me since transplant too. Work-wise I would like to work and stress less than I did in 2013 and have more time for gym, as it's more important right now. Also very much looking forward to our holiday in April... I will have 3 weeks off which will include a week in Mapungubwe close to Botswana. It will also be great having my sis and Pierre in the same city....

    So in having said that, the only resolution for 2014 is NEVER GIVE UP.

    P.S. In other news... I got a tattoo 2 weeks ago to celebrate 6 years post transplant and surviving 2013... I will be judged for it and I'm sure a lot of people won't like it but I love it and I don't really care much what others think of it (it was done by a paramedic and VERY VERY hygienically so my health was not at risk). My donor's son had a beautiful huge tattoo done to honour his mother and I sent him a picture of mine and he loved it. His one included the date 21.01.2008, so I feel like mine is a continuation of his. I'm sure I don't need to explain the obvious metaphors!

    So there you go folks... please keep on following this blog!


    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year, Alice! I wish you renewed health and continued happiness in 2014. I will certainly continue to follow your blog. You are an inspiration to many.

    From a very old friend of "Tricia's" mother in the USA.

    Lourdes Moss said...

    Happy New Year! I continue to read your blog and pray for your - I hope 2014 brings much joy your way.

    Sherry Boyle said...

    The best to you in 2014, Alice. My prayers are with you for stabilized lung function and continued photo treatment -- oh, and less stress at work. I'm not fond of tattoos, but if you like it and it's meaningful to you, that's what matters.

    Suzanne Lucas said...

    I'm not judging you for you having a tattoo, I'm just curious as to why when CF's are specifically told no tattoos post transplant?

    Alice said...

    Suzanne I was never told that, know tons of CFs who got tattoos post transplant plus they dont treat CF's differently in that regard than other post transplant patients. All tx patients on same meds.