Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One of my favourite months, and even more so in recent years! Firstly, it's my birthday on the 31st!!!! Secondly, in Joburg, August marks the end of winter. Some people say's it's windy (those people didn't grow up in Port Elizabeth), but temperatures start rising and by the end of the month some new leaves start popping out! ALSO, it's the month of our wedding anniversary, of which we will celebrate the very first one this weekend! So all in all a good month.

Past weekend was great, found my sis a wedding dress, yay! She is going to look absolutely stunning! Also saw some friends, spent time with family, did some shopping... Gym has also been going well, haven't been to another class yet though. Hopefully next week. Not much other news... enjoy the rest of your week!

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