Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lung Function results

So my hectic week started with a slight change of plan... Dr's appointment was yesterday instead of Friday. At least I didn't have to spend the week stressing about it I guess. Result - same as last few months... down a tiny bit just to prevent me from being less worried, because that can't be allowed obviously *sigh*. FEV1% and FVC% was down by 1%, to 62% and 99% respectively. Dr says it's no change. So since photopheresis started in August FVC (capacity) has stayed the same and FEV1% has gone from 69% to 62%. So deterioration has slowed down and photopheresis still seen as "successful", even though I hoped for an increase in lung function and not this "kind-of| stability. But it could have been a lot worse as I've seen from other facebook friends who had much worse results after photo than me and are either heading towards second transplants or have already had second .

Tomorrow is the last day of month-end and also the most crazy. If I survive that the worst of my week is over. And of course Thursday is session #17 of the photo. My sis will be coming with me again and hopefully my favourite nurse is back, she was sick last time.

Then it's weekend, YAY!!!!

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