Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 sleeps to go!

Another busy week survived! I know all my weeks are busy but Jan is especially busy. This week the auditors will be at work so last week was rather busy preparing for that plus managed to get to gym twice at least. Apart from the auditors this week it's also photopheresis on Wednesday AND gynae on Friday. Lungaversary will also be on Wednesday (will have to take some cake!) but we will celebrate next weekend. And then it's almost month-end again! The rat-race never stops...

This weekend was nice at least... VERY hot at the moment but managed to spend some time at a friend's pool at least. Also helped my sis and Pierre with some final touches to their flat, and did grocery shopping and parentals were here for lunch today. So nothing exciting but it was fun. On Friday night we went out for steak and I had a Mexican Rump.... YUMMY!!!

Let's hope this week is successful! And that I

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