Friday, November 15, 2013


This week has been VERY productive...
  • went to gym twice
  • saw vascular surgeon and got good news there
  • supper out with friends
  • after lots of fighting with medical and Dr's rooms photopheresis for the next 6 months has been approved
  • had the first of these 12 new sessions yesterday and all went well, no issues. They're going to be using my arms for now and avoid the groin as it's less invasive, less risky, and I can gym again the next day instead of having to wait for 5 days.
  • met a fellow-CF'er and her mom... she is facing transplant and was great chatting to them.
Don't have TOO much planned for this weekend, my car is going in for a service tomorrow, want to go to gym again, and on Sunday we're having a mini school reunion!! Five school friends who all live in JHB now are meeting with our partners/kids for an afternoon of coffee and cake! Should be GREAT, haven't seen 2 of them since school... so it's 11 years!

Have a great weekend

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