Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend over :-(

Boo, it's Sunday night again.... always depresses me. Had a great weekend though. Friday evening we had supper at home with Malcolm who is leaving for Australia soon. Yesterday morning I replanted one of the plants in my garden... it wasn't doing so well where it was, hopefully it'll grow better now! Also went to a baby shower and then a braai and watched rugby with good friends at their new place! Only got home at 2am this morning!

We had a slow start today, Chris made us some nice breakfast. Then we went to visit more friends on the Vaal River (about 45 min drive from JHB) where we had a picnic on the river bank and also a swim! (Not in the river though, in a pool!). It was extremely hot... about 38 degrees C! So rather tired tonight, but being with friends and doing fun stuff energises me, so it's good type of tired :-) not the same as work-tired!

Hopefully this week at work will be slightly less intense than last week, can do with some breathing space! At least my sister is landing on Sat and visiting for 10 days! It'll be the first time she sees our little house, can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Sien verskriklik baie uit na my kuier!
Baie liefde