Monday, October 17, 2011

Ninette got lungs yesterday!!!

Good CF friend of mine Ninette got her call late Sat night, she came out of theatre just before midnight last night, and as far as I know she's stable and all's well. I REALLY pray it stays that way!!! It's only the second transplant I know of this year (there might have been another one but I don't know the recipient involved). Donor rates have really gone down :-( Please pray that she has a quick and hassle-free recovery!!!

My sister's visit last weekend was great! We bought some plants, had supper at my parents place and a braai at our place. Shopped for a dress for my mom to wear to the wedding next year (unsuccessfully :-/) All in all a very nice weekend. This past weekend one of my best friends from school, Carli was here with her fam, so got to see them on Sat, which was awesome. Yesterday I had a girls-afternoon... Chris and my friend's hubby went to the SA VS Australia cricket game, so we had lunch, went to the movies and coffee afterwards. Perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon! Got home rather late though and then didn't sleep too fantastically, I kept up waking up thinking about Ninette. Luckily her boyfriend (who also had a double lung tx last year in Feb kept me updated!

This Saturday is the annual Organ Donor Foundation Walk at the Joburg Zoo. Always a nice event. But before then still 4 more working days!!! Going to gym tomorrow, Will try to visit Ninette (or Francois most probably) on Wednesday, gym again on Thursday. Hopefully a good weeke then, and even if it's not, it ends with payday on Friday :-D

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