Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October *shock* :-0

October?? Where did Sept go??? Wow this year has less than 3 months left. And in actual fact only 2... AAAHHHH!!!! In exactly a months time we'll be in Port Elizabeth for the first time since we got married there for my cousin's wedding. CAN'T WAIT!!! Will be seeing my sister's place for the first time, and will definitely have to squeeze in a walk on the beach! Also seeing some old friends again, and very importantly my gransparents, who I also haven't seen since our wedding :-)

This week is month-end at work, and think I've been doing a lot better than last month, so that's good. Things are generally getting easier with the "new" job. My unpaid leave that I had to take for our overseas trip is also done now, so my salary for Oct will be looking a bit better, YAY!

The kitties are doing awesomely, almost fully grown, if not already there. The girl froze up in the tree on Sunday evening when we had our first PROPER thunderstorm for the summer. I think all the rain and thunder completely freaked her out. I tried getting her out of the tree with some tuna, but only managed to attract the neighbour's cat, which didn't exactly help! Eventually Chris had to chase the other cat, get a ladder and poke her down with a rake! Poor thing was wet and traumatised afterwards. Oh and the grass we planted has FINALLY started to grow, hope it continues that way! Will probably have to do another batch of seeds next summer, as it's not a creeping grass and not very thick right now.

My sister is also here this weekend, will be nice to see her again, and then in November and then in December and then in Feb for her wedding :-) Good times ahead!

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