Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back at work.....

So my 'holiday' is over, and I feel like I need another one just to recover!!!! There was just way too much to do and people to see!!!! Saturday was pretty cold and wet, so we watched a DVD I got for Christmas, and played some squash. In the evening we had pizza at Antoinette's place, which was great. Lots of fun and laughter...

On Sunday Chris and I walked the Sacramento Trail, and it was so hot, we ended up swimming in our clothes! I forgot my hairclip on the beach, but it was worth it! We spend the rest of the day chilling with the family... Yesterday we drove out to a farm stall outside PE, where we had breakfast (Louzanne, Daniel, Antoinette, Leandre and us)... followed by a braai (BBQ) with the fam. So all in all the trip home was GREAT, although I would've loved to do some more stuff and see some more people and swim some more!!!

Tomorrow eve we're going to friends of Chris, Daniel and Alice, for New Years Eve... it better be great, seeing as my previous New Years since 2003 were all rather crappy!!! Either due to bad company or bad health!!!

And since this is probably my last post for 2008... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! And thanks SO MUCH for all the support and well-wishes during what has been the best year of my life... may 2009 be just as AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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