Monday, December 22, 2008

11 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's 11 months with the new lungies today!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! AND, I swam 4 times this weekend!!!! It was SO HOT, so perfect swimming weather! Just wish I could work on my tan, but not allowed to, as Prograf makes your skin more sensitive to the sun/increases chances of skin cancer, so it's SPF 40 all the way... but the swimming was great... pretty tiring though, totally not used to that type of exercise (not that I ever was a swimmer), but at least it made me sleep well! Slept like 11 hours on Sat night and 8 last night. Was just SO TIRED from work and stressing etc.

Anyway, it's only 2.5 working days 'till I go home, and 3 sleeps 'till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't been home in months and missing my mom and sis like crazy. And the beach ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ons kannie wag dat jy moet huis toe kom nie!!!!!!!!!

Jac said...

Big Yay! Have a fantastic Christmas...I'm sure it will be a good one for all your family too. I know mine are rather excited this year :-)

Bree said...

Woman, words cannot describe how happy I am for you! 11 months post and you're completely owning the world! For now, until my tx, I am living vicariously through you!!

Congrats, keep it up, swim a lot, stay away from sharks!!

Alice said...

Awww... 2009 WILL be your year Bree!!!

Alicia said...

So happy for you!!!