Friday, December 19, 2008

5 sleeps 'till HOME...

YAY!!!! In a week's time it's my second day home!!! CAN'T WAIT... and only 3.5 working days left!!! (the 24th is half-day)

Went for a run again this morning, but didn't sleep much last night, was tossing and turning from about 1am to 4am, just stressing a bit about stuff. So I was feeling a bit lazy with the running, but at least I went, and feeling more awake now. Planning on relaxing this weekend. Luckily BASICALLY all my Xmas shopping is done. And hopefully I get a chance to swim THIS weekend... On Tuesday it was overcast and cool :-(

Posting some random pics here... The first one is my Xmas tree I got myself!! It's made of wire and beads, bought it from a vendor at traffic lights. Then there is the flower lily potplant thingy I got from Chris :-) Love it!!!! And lastly, when I opened my blog yesterday I saw a nice round number, and took a pic!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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