Monday, December 15, 2008

My day OFF!!!!

So I took leave for today, as tomorrow is a public holiday, so it gives me a chance to relax a bit, and finish my Christmas shopping!! The day's been busy but great. Went to see medical aid about something, finished off my Xmas shopping, wrapped all of the gifts (soooo excited about them, didn't do ANY Xmas shopping last year!!!!, and this year I'm earning a salary AND I can actually walk properly), had lunch with Aviva, which was great, distributed posters and postcards for the Organ Donor Foundation at Milpark Hosp... so it's been productive!!!

The weekend was pretty relaxing. Played squash twice, ran on the treadmill a bit, fetched my new ID book (mine's been lost for years... finially applied for a new one a few weeks back), and I had my year-end function! It was pretty cool, and the food was GREAT. Didn't stay there too late though, felt quite tired. Check out the pics! The theme was SAFARI, if you can't tell...

Right now I'm listening to the rain and thunder (we're having a typical Joburg afternoon thunderstorm), and eating some fruitcake that my gran send up for me... really feeling the Christmas Spirit!!!

Speaking of which... I drove over a cat last week Wednesday... very un-Christmas Spirit-like... It was at night, and the cat was black, and it just appeared in front of my car out of nowhere. It was truly horrible. I went to find the owner and she didn't take it well and swore at me etc. Really unreasonable, as I didn't HAVE to go looking for the cat's owner at 9:30pm at night. I could've just left the cat there and let her find it the next morning. But anyway... can't do anything about it now. Just feel so bad for the kitty, as I've also cats in PE and have lost 2 cats before, and know how horrible it is...

Anyway... Going to see a movie or something with Chris last night, and REALLY hoping it's going to be nice and WARM tomorrow so that I can SWIM!!!! Still haven't tested my lungs in the water... or tried out my new bikini... let's hope for the best!!!


Linda Crane said...


You look great!!! It sounds like everything in your life is going so well and I am excited for you. You have been such an inspiration to my family this year. Last week my son started down the path to transplant. We should hear from his team of doctors in the next couple of weeks if they think it is time for us to move near the center. Did you have the surgery for reflux before your transplant? Hope you have fun on your days off. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

In Him,
Linda Crane, USA
Mother of Mandy (with the angels) Kyle, Hunter and Brady wo/cf and Jamie, 22, w/cf

Jac said...

Hope the weather was nice enough for a swim!! Also glad to hear you are enjoying the pre-Christmas too :-)
Jac x

Alice said...

Hi Linda! No I didn't have any reflux or surgery before transplant. BUT, I think Jac, who commented just below you, has reflux, and had her transplant 3 months after me... so check out her blog, it may help! Glad I could be an inspiration! That's the reason I blog, so always great to hear...

Danielle said...

Hi Alice

I discovered your blog some weeks ago, and have read it through and through. Your story is inspirational and your writing is great, thanks for keeping it up.

I don't have cf and I'm not facing transplant or anything like that, but I have started a blog about school and my asthma, since I am so far away from home. Is it OK if I link to here?


Alice said...

Yeah sure Danielle, anytime!