Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blog award thing that I don't really understand!!!

It seems like Bree nominated/gave me for some blog award thing! Not sure how it works, but I will follow her instructions down to the letter, and pass it on...

The rules are:
  • post the award on your blog
  • link the person who gave it to you
  • Link the originating post nominating you
  • pass the award on to 5 more people
  • post the rules

OK, so nts 1 and 2 are done... Bree's post nominating me was this one.

Now... 5 more people...

The girl who got me blogging to start off with, Emily. It was the first blog I ever read. It a) give me hope, cos she has CF too, went through hell before transplant, had some complications after transplant, but ended up being fine, and living a FULL life and being happy just as I am now. Also, like I said, it inprired me to start blogging, and that b) kept me busy during that horrible month and a bit that I blogged before tx. (I obviously didn't think my lungs were coming that soon!)

Then, of course, Nate's blog. A lot of my readers found me through his blog, when he so nicely asked them to pray for me during my transplant. Also, the day before my transplant/day I go the call, he did a post asking everyone waiting for a transplant to put their name down, and they were going to have a prayer session praying for us or something to that extent. Well, a few hours later I GOT THE CALL... So his blog is also very special to me. Oh, and if you didn't know, his wife has CF and has been through an amazing journey of founding out she's pregnant while being evaluated for transplant, deciding not to abort the baby, having a premature baby, getting lungs, getting cancer.... trust me, if you haven't before, go read this blog.

OK I know she nominated me, but I'm just going to nominate her back, cos it wouldn't be fair if her blog wasn't on this list! Bree!, my Canadian friend!!! We're MSN buddies (although lately I feel like a bitch for never being on MSN anymore being so busy... sorry Bree!!!!) We started chatting a year ago... when she wasn't listed yet, and I was waiting. We found each other on her facebook group called Got Lungs? I'm SOOOO excited about her future. Even thoughit's crap now having to wait and feeling horrible and "like there's a cement block in/on your chest", with her awesome sense of humour, the world has got to be scared for when this chick gets lungs... she's going to redefine the term LIVING...

Then there's Jac's blog which I found a few months ago! She got her lungs about 3 months after me, and it's been so interesting following her journey all the way over in the UK. (Same as Emily for that matter). Love comparing our treatment etc! And glad that she's also doing so well!!!

The last one is not a CF'er, but Jennifer has Lyme's disease. Although the diseases are obviously very different, I can sympathise with being tired and having PICC lines! (Although I only had one of those for 3 weeks and she's had hers for MONTHS now... can't imagine having to go through that!!

OK so that's it!! In other news... I'm SOOO glad it's weekend. This week's been ROUGH at work and feel pretty stressed out, but it's all good, and at least it's weekend now. The great thing about working vs studying, is that you have weekends to yourself. Well for the most part at least and if you're at my level! Went to see Madagascar 2 last night, like I said, and it was pretty cool. I'm not the biggest fan of annimation, but I enjoyed it. Sometimes you need to see something like that to make you feel like a kid again for an hour or two!

Today I'm meeting a very old friend at the airport, James!!! He studies music at the Royal School of Music in London. We've known each other since we were tiny little kids, taking baths and playing together! He hasn't seen me since transplant, so he'll be surprised with how pink and fat I've become :-) Then Chris and I are also going to Pretoria again this weekend, spending the night at friends, and having lunch with my dad and grandad tomorrow. So should be a great weekend. Will update and post some pics tomorrow night or Monday! Have a good one!


Jennifer said...

I googled it just so I could see where it came from. Here are the "real" rules and the link that should have been included in the picture thingy. :) Add your name at that link, and more people will read your blog should they click your link. :)

Jennifer said...

BTW: Once you've had the PICC about 6 to 8 weeks, it's not a big deal to have it (almost) 5 months. It's like it's apart of my body now. I barely even realize it's there (unless I want to take a nice shower). That's going to be the FIRST thing I do after I get it pulled. Get home ... and take a shower without worry, saran wrap or a dry pro picc line cover. :)

PS. I am doing so much better than when we first started talking. :) woo hooo.