Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early morning run

So this morning is another first for me... RUNNING BEFORE I GO TO WORK... it's something my mom and sis have been doing for years. Used to be in bed doing some early morning coughing and hear them go out for a run. There was a part of me being glad I had an excuse to still be in bed at that hour, but obviously another part wishing I had the option of doing the same.

So why try this now? Well... because I'm so busy I'm struggeling to find time for gym after work. And gym before work won't work that well, as I'd have to drive to the gym, work out, drive back, shower at home and get ready for work. It just takes too much time, as I leave for work at 6:45am. (Can't shower at the gym because of germs and stuff breeding in those showers). So came up with the idea of running before work. And it's a good workout with all the hills we have here. Just uphill and downhill.

And apart from that, there's end of January looming... when I want to improve my time for the 800m or 200m to qualify for the World Games next year. And it's giving me sleepless nights!

Monday after work I went shopping (shops are open later due to Christmas), and last night Chris and I went to a friend from church cell's farewell. She's moving to Durban. Tonight we have our last cell meeting for the year, and I've got to go for check-up and lungfunctions today or tomorrow, as my Dr is going on a much deserved holiday for a week and a half, and when he gets back I'm off to PE. Went for bloods yesterday morning, and started distributing some Organ Donor Foundation stuff at the hospital. (some of us who volunteered got allocated a hospital where we have to put up posters and distribute postcards at Dr's rooms. Luckily I got my hospital).

Then, VERY IMPORTANT: for all the SA readers... tomorrow night on m-net is a documentary about heart transplants, and Trevor (who got my donor's heart) and his sister, who also had a heart transplant, are going to be on there... it's at 19:30. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO WATCH IT!!!! I'm sure it's going to be great. I'll be watching at my Dr's place, since we don't have m-net.

OK that's all for now... have to get to work!


Amy said...

That;s awesome you are starting to run in the mornings!!! It is one of the things I am looking forward to post-tx...being able to run :)

Lots of luck with it!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Don't know if you're looking for tips to improve your 800m time, but here's a quick and simple workout I used to do in high school. I'm pretty sure it will help you, since you're likely to make lots of progress on running simply by doing it regularly.

-4x200m at your goal race pace (i.e., 3:40 800 ==> run at 55 seconds)
-in between, walk for about the same amount of time it took you to run
-if you can't find a track to run on, you can just do a sort of run/walk combo on the road
-once you build up with that distance/intensity, try resting 5-10 min and repeating one more time

Alice said...

Wow, thanks Amanda, will def try it! Need all the help I can get!

Cindy said...

Alice, I've been reading your blog since just before your transplant. When I read your post today, I just felt compelled to tell you what a priviledge it is to watch you live a full, robust, active life. I feel like I know you. You go girlfriend!

In Christ,
Cindy in Ohio, USA

Bree said...

Wicked! That's so awesome! I can't beleive you're almost a year out woman! Stay safe(and sexy) when you run through those hills. I don't want to hear of any unforunate incidents of you being injured or kidnapped by those mysterious South African animals!

Gizela said...

Hallo Alice!
Sterkte met die oefenry - ek is seker dat jy die vrugte gaan pluk.
Hierdie is net vir oulaas 'n boodskap om te se: lekker werk vir die laaste rukkie, mag jy 'n besonderse kersfees he hierdie jaar, en ek weet dat 2009 net nog meer wonderlike dinge vir jou gaan inhou.
Dankie vir jou blog en dankie vir jou inspirerende jy!