Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last weekend of November...

I CAN NOT believe that tomorrow will be the first of December... it's UNREAL. Had another busy weekend, which unfortunately did not involve any swimming... but that's fine... I've waited a long time for this, so I'm patient.

Chris and I played squash twice (I'm sore in places I didn't know existed), watched dvd, started doing some Xmas shopping... and had lunch with some family in Pretoria today which was very cool. I was telling C today that we're so busy that weekends just fly past, and before you know it it's over, and Monday is staring you in the face again... ugh. BUT at least that means Christmas and going home is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THAT... just 24 sleeps!!!


Jac said...

Yay, I count down in sleep 'til Christmas too :-)
jac xx

p.s we are both going to have the best Christmas ever this year!

Alice said...