Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank Goodness Monday's Over. Got a 9.5 hour sleep in last night at least... Dont know when last I slept that long!!! On my way to bed again now, but thought I'd do a proper blog first...

Work's been crazy busy kind of. The weekend was great but tiring. Lots of fun but didn't sleep much. Also trying to squash enough gym and squash in (that sounds lame, I know). Which is hard! But I never stop being thankful that I CAN be so busy and work and gym and have a hectic social life and feel SO HEALTHY that I notice slight headaches or like sore toes etc. When you can't breathe your body doesn't notice that type of thing...

The rest of my week is hectic as usual. Gymmed after work today, gymming after work tomorrow, Church cell on Wednesday, chick flick night with Jenny on Thursday night, and not sure what's happening on Friday night, but it'll def be something.

Hope you have a good week, and I wish friends like Bree, Louis, Maryke etc etc etc would flippen GET LUNGS now.... Makes me sad to see them suffer.... want them to be as blessed as I have been.

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