Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane.... well I wish it was a jet!

My Cape Town Weekend as FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!!!! Originally it would've been a week, but then I started working and so it had to be reduced to a weekend... which just means that there will be no time for sleep. Just kidding, I've been very busy lately so hopefully there will be lots of laziness and sleep involved too. I'll be arriving there at 21:20 tonight, and that is if all goes according to plan... so it's going to be a LOOOONNNGGG day.

What else has been going on? Mamma Mia was stunning again. Love that movie, and have the soundtrack in my car. So Tuesday evening was great. Wednesday eve I had cell, and was only planning on staying for a short while, as I was in pain from gym, and tired. Well we had such a cool evening, I ended up staying till the end. Last night I met up with Chris at the gym for squashand a bit of gym, (after first taking a wrong turn in peak hour traffic and being upset while trying to navigate my way back on the map while on the highway.... bad experience) and my dad made supper for us afterwards.

I'm not sure what Louzanne and Carli are planning for the weekend, but it WILL be AWESOME. With true friends like them there's just no other way. Don't think we've EVER had a real fight over anything, in the18 odd years that we've been friends, and they've supported me through thick and thin. There's just NO substitute for friends like that. I think the last time we were all together was a year ago at a wedding. (have posted pics of that wedding before, I look like death warmed up) Crap, I'm getting all emotional now and have to start working soon!

I'll be taking lots of pics (of course), and will update early next week!!!! Arriving back in the Big Smoke on Sunday evening. Chris will be fetching me at the airport, after which we'll be grabbing some supper. Hope your weekend will be as good as mine!

P.S., I've got lots of awesome friends like that.. Antoinette, Andrew, Daniel etc etc etc, but have prob known Louz and Carli for the longest and coincedentally they both stay in CT...

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