Thursday, April 10, 2008

My week so far

Had no pic to put up today, so decided I'll show you what my cat looked like when she saw me for the first time when I was home now... NOT VERY IMPRESSED!!!! Especially since she couldn't come into my room, nevermind not being able to sleep with me, lol!!! Luckily she soon returned to her dumb and friendly state of mind, although she still cried in front of my bedroom door. Poor kitty... you've got to love her!

The last two days have been suprisingly busy (I use the term loosely!)... On Tuesday afternoon I did some shopping and went to the post office to fetch some of the meds that the pharmacy had sent to our PE home by mistake. Bought a very nice white shirt for work! Been looking for one for a while, and this one fits perfectly! When I got home loadshedding was in progress (for international readers... our government or whoever was responsible for supplying South Africa with electricity totally messed up and now we don't have enough power untill something like 2012, as it takes years to build power stations, plus the existing ones keep on breaking down for some reason. So now they've come up with the ingenious plan of LOADSHEDDING. Each neighbourhood has about 3 powercuts a week lasting about 4 hours, glorious... thank God I don't need O2 anymore, it used to be a big issue!). Luckily my laptop has 2 hr 45mins battery life, so I played tetris and solitaire while listening to music. When the laptop died I read, when the daylight died I played with my phone. More than 4 hours later we had light again and was back in civilisation!

Yesterday I had lunch with Suzanne in Mellville, which was great. Parking's a huge issue there, and it's such a liberating feeling not having to worry about walking far! I like the walking! Then I went to spend the afternoon with Peter, the CF guy who also had his transplant 3 weeks or so after mine! I've only seen him for 5 mins in hospital before, but we had so much to chat about! Was great! Him and I and another CF woman who we've never met are the only living CF lung recipients. So the two of us rapidly improved the hospital's stats! Hopefully tha other CF patients on the list will all get their lungs too!!! Speaking of which, Tricia is doing great and Gina (pepe) is listed again!!!! Yay, may she get those lungs EXTREMELY soon!!!!!

Today I'm having lunch with Aviva(physio)! Looking forward to that very much!! And my cv, academic record and covering letter is finished. Now I just have to make copies and decide where to give it off... loving all the driving around in Joburg getting to know the area. (I often get to know areas I wasn't planning on by ending up in the wrong lane and realising too late that I can't change lanes anymore!) But it's an adventure, something which I longed for for the whole of last year... life is good. God is good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
What a great change of pace for me that you drove around for a visit yesterday! You made the day for me, thank you. No need for you to ever be at a loose end or bored, just sms me and we can meet, walk, shop, whatever it takes together to get these new lungs of ours to tip top performance. Keep your faith. Peter Leid

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, thought you had left us for good. You know that we thrive on your stories......hehehe. Glad you're finding your way around, and dont you think we are going back to our roots with all this loadshedding? Instead of 3rd world, we are fast becoming 6th world. Better get the stick and rocks out to make fire - we can only laugh at this situation because crying dont seem to help hey. Nice you have met someone that is in the same situation as yourself as you guys can compare notes. Have a wonderful day and I hope you get a job soon - A job whats that, something that comes in a wrapper????? hahahahahah

Bree said...

God IS good!

You are so right! Keep kicking ass! Send some over here so i can get listed and get on with my life! lol

grey like snuffie said...

It's so fun to read your blog from the other side of the world. What a crazy world. It's so cool to read how simple things are such a joy to you as you can suddenly do them with your new lungs. God is good and it's encouraging to read your stories.

Christy said...

God is indeed, so so good!

I love your blog, Alice! You are a shining light. Just so full of life and a total inspiration. Plus, I'm learning so much about your culture. It's really cool! I live in the state of Georgia, and while we've never had issues with power shortages here, we had a serious drought plague our state last year. I think, actually, that we have just recently come up out of the drought. We had to really cut back on our water usage, so much so that we were even asked to minimize our toilet flushing. Ack! (Sorry if that was too much info!) I didn't realize how much we took water for granted before the drought. It has been nuts! I can't imagine not having power for four hours. Praying for technology to improve in such a way that you guys will someday have electricity without end. >:0)

Bobbi said...

I couldn't imagine living without electricity for 45 minutes, much less hours. That must be horrible for people that use nebulizers, oxygen, & other medical equipment. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I am glad that you are doing well.