Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wacky wednesday

I've had this title before, pre-tx, but this is a much better post! Before I begin with my day, I just have to share this: I'm sitting here laughing my head off because of an e-mail a friend send me. He says I remind him of the Bio-slim ads. (for those of you who haven't seen them, they usually feature someone walking in a garden talking about how they have their life back after losing all the weight, really corny and pathetic) He says I would be like:

'My friends did not love me, my mother did not love me, my boyfriend did not love me, but thanks to my lung-transplant, I got my life back. Try a lung-transplant, it will work for you!'
HAHA!!! Obviously the parts of my parents and friends not loving me aren't true (the boyfriend part...mmm), but I found it SO funny!
The photo is of me and Peter! Excuse my tummy sticking out! I need to get a bit more weight on me to keep my jeans up, lol! We went shopping together with our masks! So instead of being one weird person with a mask on we were 2... people must have thought we know something they don't! Or that we both have some rare disease! In anycase, it was very nice! Seeing him again tomorrow when we go for lung functions! Looking forward to that, maybe the running will make a difference, although how much higher than 95% can you go?


Annelie said...

Please do not put on more weight, you are looking great! If you put on more weight you will not be able to run!!!!!

Annelie xx

Alice said...

Dis nie wat my Dr dink nie, semi annorexic tannie! Twyfel of ek sal though, eet al klaar so baie! Ek strive anyway nie om soos Kate Moss te lyk nie!

Emil said...

And Kate Moss is definately not the best example!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! check out the celebrities! SA CFers solute you guys!


Bly dit gan nog so goed Alice, en dat Peter jou kon join vir shopping.