Sunday, April 20, 2008

weekend so far

It's been a great weekend so far! Went to fetch my mom at the airport on Friday evening, and got some pizza on the way back. I also made some brownies for the weekend (although it came out a bit hard...). Yesterday morning we went SHOPPING!!!!!!! Was very successful! Got some nice winter stuff!
After our shopping expedition we had lunch in Melville, which was very yummy. We spent the afternoon just relaxing and reading, and watched La Vie En Rose on dvd. Very good movie!!!! I've also started kniting another scarf (that does not mean the previous one in finished, I'm just a little bored with it and bought some amazing new wool with my Aunty Deanie 2 weeks ago, and couldn't wait to start any longer!), which is looking beautiful!
Went to the same church as last week with my parents today, and again thought that it might be way too huge for my liking. Checking out Church Alive tonight! Hopefully I'll feel more at home there... After church we went to Sandton City! It was my first time there, and although we only bought food and stuff, it was an experience to see. Amazingly huge shopping centre. Next time one of my girlfriends come to visit we're definitely spending a day there! Will have to save up some money first!
Going to have some coffee now and either knit or read... My mom's visit went by so quickely (she's leaving tomorrow morning at 6am, so she has to be at the airport at 5am, luckily I'll still be sleeping, lol!), but at least we'll be seeing her again on Satuday, when we'll be back in PE for a week. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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Sylvie said...

Hi Alice,
Reading your blog makes me so happy! You sound great! I pray that you can find a church were you can feel at home!