Friday, April 18, 2008

Something quite exciting and the weekend ahead

I've been invited to be a Citizen Journalist for ... Cool and a bit scary at the same time!!! You have to submit 2-3 articles a week and get paid for them (in US$!) Articles should be about politics, economics, society, hot-toppics etc, and they should be your own viewpoint. I've registered, so hope I'll have enough to say!

My visit to Dr Williams went great today, everything was fine. Went for another jog/walk this morning (so all in all I did 3 runs and a 6km cycle this week), and my legs aren't even tired! Going to go a bit further next week! And the week after that we're going down to PE again, where I can RUN ON THE BEACH!!!!!

My mom's flying up tonight, so will be great to have her here for the weekend! Missed her quite a bit. Going shopping etc!!!! My poor sister has to stay in PE to study... :-( But at least I'm seeing her next weekend when we go down there!

Also... Antoionette, my friend who blogged for me while I was in the hospital and even after that when I didn't have internet yet, has to go for some kind of kidney surgery/scope on Monday. This will be her third one. They can't figure out what's wrong, and she's in pain, feverish and nauseous all the time. That's no way to live, so please pray that they figure out what's wrong with her this time!!!


Daniel said...

Hey, congrats! It will be a great opportunity for you and I'm sure you'll really love it! If you need any source info, or the inside scoop on any story, give me a shout. There's always someone around my office who knows someone who knows something ;-)
Good luck!

neilcharm said...

good on you and well done. You really have a talent and you make one smile with your quirky remarks - so you should achieve what you are setting out to do. Have a great time with mom and have a short week to next weekend. I am sure you miss your family and friends a lot - not that you dont have any here but its different. God Bless and keep you strong and on the move.

Dirkey said...

Definitely will pray for her!
So happy you are doing so well!
You'll have to link to what you are writing! :)

Bree said...

Nice work!

And I am definately praying for Antoinette - I hope you get better!!!!:)