Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wonderfull weekend....

The weekend was awesome, everything I expected it to be! On Saturday morning we went to the hospital to pick up one of my anti-rejection meds, and I got a chance to show Louz the hospital. Then we got some muffins and had a picnic in the Botanical gardens, and had coffee in the restaurant. There were some thunder going on, so we were scared that we would
be trapped there, but luckily it only rained a bit. After that we went for a bit of shopping, and then we headed to Suzanne's place and had proper lunch and yummy milktart for dessert. We decided go out and have some drinks in the evening, and Suzanne invited a distant cousin of mine who stays just outside Joburg with (Hallo Duan! :-)) He went to school with us, and I haven't talked to him in ages! Was really cool seeing him.

Today we went shopping again, after which we had lunch in Mellville. Had the most delicious baguette's... Then we just came home and had some tea and drove to the airport. When leaving the airport in an absent-minded, happy daze, I paid for my parking ticket and walked to the car. While I was slowly driving towards the exit of the parking garage I realised that I don't actually know what I did with my ticket, and wouldn't be able to get out! I parked again, searched myself and the car and my handbag etc. Gave up, walked back to the pay-station and pressed the HELP button... the voice told me to go to the office on the right side of the garage. She failed to mention whether it was MY right side or the right side in relation to the entrance.. So I first walked towards the latter. Which turned out to be the wrong assumption. I then walked towards the other side (would never have made it with O2, it's a HUGE parking garage!), where I eventually found said office. Told the woman what happened, and she asked for my registration number. Since I haven't had my car for very long, I wasn't sure what it is! So I had to go back to the car, write down the nr, and go back to the office and pay a fine in order to get a new ticket! What a mission! Eventually I made it out of there and successfully conquered the busy highways back home on my own!

The week ahead may be somewhat of a challenge, as all of a sudden I'll be on my own, with my dad working long hours during the day. Not sure what I'll be doing with myself during the day. The only thing I need to do is get a haircut... Will figure something out I guess.

Found a new blog today, which was really touching and upsetting at the same time. It's about a girl with CF needing a transplant, but who is SO sick right now that she's been de-listed. That nust be the most horrible feeling in the world. Praying that she will regain enough strength to be listed once again. Go to if you're interested. Reading that REALLY makes me appreciate my lungs even more. If that's possible.


Two blessings from above said...

Sounds like you had another great weekend. That is awesome! Thanks for including that other blog site in your update. I will include her in my prayers. I can't imagine what she is going through. So sad.
Have a great week.

Annelie said...

Hi Alice

You are not good with tickets, can you remember when you lost your tain ticket when we went to Lord for the cricket?

Lots of love, Annelie xx

Alice said...

Yes I do... :-( I just have more fun things to think about than tickets!

april said...

you look so healthy and vibrant Alice! and you sound so HAPPY! way to go!

btw what is milktart?

Alice said...

Milktart is a very yummy and delicious tart with milk being the main ingredient I guess... Will get hold of another one (thanks for the excuse!!!) and take a pic and post it! It's traditionally South African...

sweets said...

sounds like you had quite a nice weekend, new reader so still trying to figure out where, what and how etc... have a good week ;)

sweets said...

here's a link to a pic of a milk tart and a recipe... delicious!!!

april said...

oh I may have to make the milktart from the recipe. it looks easy!

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Chrislie said...

Ai Alice, dis net jy wat kaartjies verloor :-) Ek kan net imagine hoe jou gesigsuitdrukking gelyk het toe jy besef het die kaartjie weg! mis jou