Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trip down memory lane!!!

I had a trip down memory lane today... like I said yesterday, I went to visit Ditha's grade 2 class, at my old school. Haven't been there in a VERY long time!!! The kids were so cute!!! They want me to be their teacher next year, lol! Also talked to some of my old teachers who are still there. Most of them seemed o remember me and was glad to see me! Took a cool picture, but I forgot my cable to download pics from my camera to my pc at home (in JHB)... very clever! So I decided to take my readers on a trip down memory lane as well!!! Well MY memory lane anyway! Had to e-mail the pics to someone and had them scanned at Anto's house...

I think they're quite self-explanatory... The pic to the right is me in my athletics gear! Very proud!! That was 15 years ago! The one with me in the black dress was my matric farewell (senior prom for the Americans!), which was 6 years ago. Then there is also a pic of my graduation, 2 years ago. The rest are just obvious family pics...

Had a crappy night last night. Had 2 glasses of milk before I went to bed last night, and forgot to take my creon (pancreatic enzymes)... So I woke up at 4am with horrible stomach pains and eventually I was sick. Immediately took my temperature, but it was fine. But was nauseous for the rest of the night and this morning. Took my temperature again and it was still fine. Sms'd my Dr anyway, and he said the nausea might be a side effect from the anti-rejection meds, but that I should just watch the situation. Well luckily it's gone now and I'm eating fine (although staying away from milk, lol!). And hopefully I'll be able to fully enjoy tonight!!! I need steak dammit!


Christy said...

These were so great, Alice. I love all the cute lil curls! Thanks for sharing them. You and your sister were sooooo cute when you were little.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!
I have a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
I'm glad you're having a great time at your "home by the sea, PE".
Please drive back carefully, don't forget to share and take two hour breaks OK. (for those who don't know, PE & Johannesburg are 1500kms or +/- 1000miles apart with a mountain range and plateau/escarpment to drive up 6000ft above sea level)!!
I saw Paul today by chance, just to get exam request forms for Monday. He asked me about my trip with family to KZN. After I finished he shook his head and said, "You and Alice are more adventurous than any of my other patients".
So I'll see you early on Monday for bloods & X-Rays OK, then maybe we can go and do something together before our appointments @ 2pm?
Let's see if I can crack the 90% barrier, and who knows, you might even get 101% this time Alice??
Drive carefully, good people are scarce!! Peter Leid (CF Man)