Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mid-week update

So... Francois is doing GREAT, off the vent sitting in the chair etc! So awesome. Trevor had his heart biopsy yesterday, so the results will show if he's still having rejection or what's going on. Please spare a prayer for these 2!

So excited... Yesterday I swam in the gym again for the first time in more than 10 years!!!! I've never been a good swimmer, but used to enjoy swimming a but in the gym for exercise. So about 2 weeks ago I got the idea to try swimming again, because I'm getting bored with my gym routine, the pool looked so inviting, and swimming's good for the lungs... so I figured why not? Got myself some swimming gear over the weekend, and yesterday I took the plunge! Literally! Was SOOOO TIRING but great. And I slept like a BABY last night :-) Can't wait to go again.

Tomorow afternoon is the annual JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. 5.6km of walking/running, uphill/downhill... quite tough, but very rewarding afterwards. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

Oh and my mom is coming up to JHB for the weekend, YAY! Going to do some WEDDING SHOPPING!!!!!

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