Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a small world after all...

So on Saturday, on my way to Pretoria for my cousin's birthday (more about that later), I went into Woolies Foods while Chris was getting a present for Johan. Felt peckish and knew it's quite a drive and then still quite some time before we would eat, so was walking up and down trying to make up my mind about what I felt like having. Eventually decided on a packet of crisps and went back to the que. Ended up standing behind a lady whom I had passed a few times in the store. We were the only ones in the que, and she kept looking at me exceptionally friendly, lol! I couldnt understand why, as I was in a rather crappy mood because I have to replace my reading glasses etc (more about that later!). So she asks me what my name and surname is... turns out she's been following my blog and recognised me!!!!! She got the link for my blog from Nate's blog. So Nate, thanks for bringing 2 South Africans "together"! Was really cool meeting you Michelle, we should get together for coffee!

I also want to congratulate my Dr Paul and Jenny on the birth of their cute daughter Dominique!!!! She's very lucky to have such awesome parents, hope she brings you loads of joy!

My weekend was fairly quiet. My cousin Elmien and her husband Johan had their joint b-day party on sat evening, which was VERY nice!!! Also had to go pick a new frame... think I've mentioned I lost my glasses while watching Alice in wonderland (clearly MY BRAIN was in wonderland) in 3D... so had to go order new ones... tried to pick cheapest frame I could find!!!! All this going to PE for wedding stuff and buying a house and getting married is NOT CHEAP!!!!! Will probably only get it the week after next, as next week I'm on "HOLIDAY"

This week's been ROUGH so far, but at least it's just 4 working days, and on Friday Chris and I'll be doing the 11 hour drive to PE... please pray for our safety, as Easter's prime time for organ donation as a result of road accidents. Good thing if you're waiting, bad if you're also on those roads!!!!


CFHusband said...

No problem!

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